beautiful pair of linden leaf earrings in sterling silver.
beautiful set of linden earrings in sterling silver. Hanging from the branch of a tree in the forest
February BirthElement Linden

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Linden Leaf Earrings (M)

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Linden Leaf Earrings. Wear these Linden leaf earrings to remind you that YOU are the LOVE of your LIFE!

The Guardian of Love

Viewed as a sacred tree by many cultures, people have long believed that Linden trees offer both physical and spiritual healing powers. Linden offers a peaceful and calming energy, and for many lovers its heart-shaped leaves symbolize eternal affection and deep friendship.

Linden's heart-shaped leaves encourages us to follow our own hearts and draw strength from ourselves even when we feel overwhelmed.

Talisman for:
Peace. Inspiration. Unconditional Love. 

Width: 32mm
Height: 37mm 

BirthElement for February