Ginkgo Leaf Pendant Necklace - Bronze

US $106.25

The Wise Elder

Ginkgo trees are considered symbols of enduring love and hope as they can live for thousands of years. Ginkgo has a botanical history spanning 270 million years making it the world’s oldest surviving tree species.

One of Ginkgo’s hallmarks is its remarkable resistance to disease and stress. Considered by many to possess miraculous regenerative healing powers, and symbolic of hope and love, Ginkgo is often associated with longevity & resilience.

Resilience. Healing. Longevity.

Width: 42mm
Height: 38mm
Material: Bronze
Finish: Frosted
Chain: 18” 925/GP 1.5mm

We use a high quality, jewelry-grade bronze, that is often confused for gold by admirers. This pendant has been beautifully, carefully hand-polished with our frosted finish, creating a luminous lustre.