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Jewelry Chats a Virtual Art Market Episode 02 - The Story of Salal leaf jewelry

Hello beautiful friends, this week I wanted to talk to you about Salal Leaf Jewelry. Salal is a species that grows along the west coast in the Pacific Northwest. If you've been to the coast here anywhere from here in Vancouver down to Oregon and maybe even Northern California, you've likely seen Salal.  What I love about Salal is it's tenacity. Where the ocean ends and the rocks start, you'll find Salal growing just before the trees. The grow through the wind and the rain. Through storms and the beating down heat of summer. And they keep the land from eroding while they're at it. And they always seem so happy doing it, there is just an energy about them. ...

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Jewelry Chats a Virtual Art Market Episode 01 - The Story of Cedar

You know, ever since COVID started, and I haven't been able to be in art markets with my jewelry or meet all of your beautiful faces in person, I've missed all of the sharing and the storysharing that goes along with making & selling this nature jewelry.  And so a while ago, I had this idea that I wanted to do some LIVES with you so that we could connect and I could answer your questions and tell you little stories about the pieces. Every once in a while I'll give away a piece of my Handmade Nature Jewelry to somebody who's tuned into the LIVE! Tune in WEDNESDAYS at 11AM on INTSAGRAM I did a little trial run last week with...

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