2nd May 2020

Grace and Possibility

I’ll tell the truth: as a small business owner and mother of two young children these uncertain times have felt very scary in some moments.

I was completely paralyzed and numb for the first 2 weeks of quarantine. But thankfully, it didn’t take me long to realize that the way out of the shock was to start looking for the gift in the situation - this is how I would find my way back to grace and possibility.

So I took stock of things.

I have more time on my hands now (well I guess that is arguable since I am now “homeschooling” my 5 and 8 year old kids) What better time to connect with the amazing Morning Moon tribe in new ways! I started hand painting little watercolour thank you cards to go out with each order and spending more time connecting with you on social media - real conversations about inspiration, beauty and connection. It has been m a g i c a l.

Physically Distant Since I am unable to see you in person, I realized I could choose to see this as an invitation to finally get over my fears and insecurities of being in front of a camera, and show up for you online! Connecting and serving the Morning Moon Tribe in this way is feeding my soul in ways that surprise and delight me more every day.

Abundance. Then I took stock of all I have, beautiful kids, an incredible home with a great yard for my kids to play in, fresh clean air, water, food on the table, enough money to cover current bills, friends and family who care about me and... a lifelong love affair with Creativity that has never, ever failed to show up for me and guide my hands with the infinite joy of my heart. I have SO much. And it dawned on me, there were lots of people who could not afford to buy something like this for themselves right now.

Out of all of this, the Daily Offering was born.

Daily Offerings - I have created an Offering Basket filled with all kinds of goodies from my studio. Each morning, I listen to my heart and to the jewelry for what wants to be said before I hit record on my iphone and broadcast a video of me selecting something from the basket, sharing its message for us that day and then making it available to you for 50% off that day.

My work with the SOULTALISMANS has always been about connecting with the wisdom and medicine Nature, to create beautiful wearable jewelry that carries with it a transmission of this wisdom for anyone who wears it - jewelry that heals, grounds and uplifts.

Every single Daily Offering has sold out since I started doing this (most days I sneak extras onto the website so that nobody is disappointed).

And I have been overjoyed to receive phone calls, emails and DM’s offering gratitude for how my words and the messages from the jewelry are resonating with your hearts.

It is an honour to work with Nature to create these beautiful objects for you and it is PURE joy to know you are experiencing my work as it is intended: to connect you with your own wisdom and the wisdom all around you.

Finally, I’d like to say an extra special thank you to those of you who have bought a piece of my work - we are a small, family run business and we’ve made the choice to keep our staff on rather than lay everybody during these times because we believe in supporting each other and in the value of people over profit and that’s what that actually means.

So when you make a purchase from a business like mine you’re supporting not only me and my family but all the behind-the-scenes people that come together to make our business run. On behalf of my family and of our staff, I’d like to offer you my deep, sincere gratitude and thanks.

PS - Head over to Instagram and/or Facebook and follow @lovemorningmoon and join the Morning Moon Tribe, we’re waiting for you with LOVE!