Choosing to be with fear, differently

Posted by Kate on 29th May 2020

Choosing to be with fear, differently

This morning as I arrived at the studio in the early hours of the day, I came upon a motionless body laying across my driveway. I felt fear and irritation well up in me. I slowed down and managed to be with the situation in a BRAND NEW WAY, and a miracle happened. Watch the video to hear the full story. 

Maybe there is something in your life that feels too scary to be with and yet your old tired "closing off" and get-through-this-as-fast-as-you-can schtick is just not serving you anymore.

Does it make sense that opening to it, just as a gentle experiment, might allow you to discover a new part of yourself? What if in doing this, you discover the part of you just instinctually knows what to do? Allowing you to tap into your innate ability to BE compassion - without trying. And to just KNOW what the next right action is to take? 

How amazing would that be? 

Wear Cedar as a #SOULTALISMAN to remind you that you can be with your reactions differently, to make a different choice and maybe even discover a new part of yourself along the way. I invite you today, to be open to these moments - I have a sneaking suspicion they’re happening all the time!

I love you, you are more beautiful than you know!